Hey Friends,
Here is a message from Jonathan Budd I received recently. It really inspires me and I see myself following in his footsteps.

After reading this, consider if you are going take part with me and get a hold of his course on Facebook Marketing that we spoke about…

The question isn’t whether you “need” new traffic & leads if you want to grow your business consistently…
… it’s “How & WHEN” are you going to get them?
As a 22 year old kid, I broke away from the “status qou” of network marketing & decided I was going to take my life into my own hands.
I decided I was DONE with all the lame, useless crap I was being told to do…
… And instead I decided I was going to learn how to generate & get my own leads for my business.
That decision, as material as it was, was one of the most impactful & important decisions of my life.
It set me up to truly FULFILL my goals, dreams, & visions rather than have them all stay a ‘fantasy’ inside my head.
I have since gone on to make millions in this industry, because of that one fateful decision I made as a 22 year old kid.
When I figured out how to take control of my OWN lead flow, & was able to produce my OWN leads every single day for my business…
… That’s when I took control of my Income.

That’s when making money became an easy SCIENCE, instead of an elusive hope.

Simply put, you HAVE to do this for yourself if you want to make the kind of money you want for your business.
You do NOT have a choice.
If you do not learn how to get your OWN leads coming into your business on a daily basis…
… Then you will continue to struggle, hope, wish, whine, cry, & blame others or the world for your frustration & lack of progress.
The time is NOW to take control.
The time is NOW to take ownership.

The time is NOW to profit from the world’s most EXPLODING advertising website to get all the leads you need for your business to turn it into a true cash machine.

I’m going to show you how to do it ALL right here, & am going to walk you through it step by step supporting you…
This is not the time to continue putting off what you KNOW you need to do.
If you put off reaching success in your business, you risk the chance you NEVER will. Each day that goes by, where you aren’t working on solutions & towards the true success you want in your business, is another day closer to you not achieving it.

If it sounds harsh, it’s because it IS.

Most people procrastinate so damn much that they NEVER accomplish what it is they started out to accomplish.
They procrastinate so much they eventually justify giving up on their GOALS they set for themselves in the first place. They procrastinate so much, they forget they ever even had a dream to start with.
It’s my job to END that procrastination.

It’s my job to FORCE you into action, & push you harder than you want to be pushed until you get YOUR job done. I wouldn’t be a true leader worth my salt unless I was willing to do that for you… … And that’s exactly what we’re going to do inside the “Get Traffic 3.0″ coaching program… … While also providing you the undeniable path to follow to SOLVE the problems in your business & create a true “Cash Machine” on Facebook that will bring in the traffic, leads, & new business you need. If you’re delaying… now’s the time to kick yourself straight OUT of your excuses & procrastination… … And to take TRUE ACTION today moving closer forward to your goals.

As soon as you click the link below & sign up, you will be ON this path & moving in the right direction.
Here’s where you go now…
The “Get Traffic 3.0″ Details Page.
Don’t delay. The smart & rich never do when it comes to taking action.
I’ll see you on the inside…
Yours In Mastery,
Jonathan Budd
P.S. As if everything I’ve shared over
the past week hasn’t made enough sense
concerning Facebook…
… and the fact it’s the HOTTEST solution
in the world right now for you to start
growing your network & business…
… you have to see these stories that are
already coming in about “Get Traffic 3.0″
below.  They are JUST from the free
videos we released last week…
… not even our actual COACHING program
which is starting November 1st.
Check these out, & know you’re in the right
place at the right time:)

… Imagine what results you might
be able to get when we actually
teach you the MASTERS version
of how to use Facebook to dominate…

Get in touch with me before the weekend is over before JB pulls this product off the market!
Matt Rammelkamp

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