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If you have heard of the benefits of using the Callahan Emotional Freedom Technique to clear out the bodies energy system, you will certainly be excited to benefit from a newer and much simpler and more direct way to address and clear out emotional blockages in your life.

The Emotion Code is a new book, as well as a method of finding and releasing trapped emotions that was recently devised by renowned holistic chiropractic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Based on our new understandings of energy medicine, scientists how now been able to quantifiably measure a thought. They’ve found that each emotion has a specific frequency.

Like a tuning fork, when we are feeling a negative emotion, our body is literally vibrating and puts out a certain frequency of energy. Our body is literally vibrating at a different rate than it was before.

(10 minutes)

If the emotion is strong enough, it may become trapped in the body. Sometimes the emotion is so powerful, that the energy field of the body becomes overwhelmed, and the energy of the emotion becomes lodged or trapped within the body.

A trapped emotion is about the size of an orange to about the size of a cantelope, and it will usually lodge in an area of the body where there a pre-existing weakness or a symbolic relationship.

For example, if one feels like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, a trapped emotion may lodge itself in the persons shoulder area. If a person continues to feel like their roommate or family member is a “pain in the neck” – a trapped emotion may become lodged in the neck, especially if it is caused by the irritating living mate.

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Trapped emotions are an epidemic in our world, and are responsible for between 50%-90% of the pain in the world, as well as being at the core of most diseases affecting people today.

Trapped emotions distort the bodies energy field, thus distoring the bodies tissues, resulting in pain and malfunction.

In addition, the tissues of the body in the area of the trapped emotion are continually feeling that negative emotion lodged in the body. When a particular situation arises where one would particularly feel a negative emotion, the person with the trapped emotion will more readily feel that emotion since part of their body is already vibrating at the level of that trapped emotion.

It can be hard for people with a collection of trapped emotions to move ahead and succeed in life. If you’ve ever wondered why you keep trying to move ahead in life, but something just keeps “holding you back” – it may be the trapped emotions which are magnetically attracting you to situations, people, and events in alignment with those low negative vibrations.

Dr. Nelson has also been called the “Love Doctor” as people who have cleared negative emotions have soon been able to attract the romantic mate of their dreams.

The emotion code is such a simple and easy technique which anybody can learn to release trapped emotions from themselves, other people, pets, and can even be done from a distance.

I encourage you to first read the emotion code, as it is one of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read in my life.

Watch this video to learn more:

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