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Here is an email I got today from my mentor Jonathan Budd-


Here is an interesting topic to talk about today. It goes along
with lots of the things I have been sharing lately and it has
to do with where you are at on your personal and financial

Don’t let any one fool you…being an entrepreneur is not an
easy task (at first). Being an entrepreneur takes a certain
kind of quality which I like to refer to as “Inner Game”.

You see, if your Inner Game isn’t in order…you are probably
not going to be able to overcome the difficult obstacles EVERYONE
faces when starting their own business.

It’s almost like you need to have this BULLISH mentality, of
charging through any and all adversity, like NOTHING will ever
stop you from achieving your goal.

When that is your mentality, you can dive into entrepreneurship
head first and just plow through obstacles to find solutions.

Nobody knows everything. Do you think Bill Gates knew how to
make $40 billion dollars when he started Microsoft?

It just doesn’t work that way. If you are sitting around thinking
“I need to know everything before I start a business” you have
entrepreneurship completely backwards.

Being an entrepreneur is KNOWING you are able to be an
entrepreneur. And the rest just follows. The marketing,
the data, the details about businesses; all that stuff is
SECOND to whether or not you believe in yourself enough to
make it all happen.

So what does this have to do with the subject line of this email?

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Because you have to KNOW yourself, and TRUST yourself that
you can do what you set your mind too. Just trust yourself.
Just TRUST YOURSELF. The information will follow, the people
to help get you there will follow, the teachings will follow,
but none of it will follow…unless you trust yourself.

There’s a second side to this coin. You have to trust your
intuition. If you feel like you aren’t ready to build a business,
then DON’T force it.

Take some time to build your confidence, to build your value,
and build your belief level in yourself. Take the time you
need to grow as a person. Because when you do that, you
are truly ready to declare “I Want Financia’l Freedom” and have
the right internal framework to go get it.

Now don’t use that as an excuse to be lazy! If that is your
way of putting off taking action, you are DOUBLE lying to
yourself. All I am saying, is know where you are at in life,
honor that position, and trust that you are guiding yourself
in the best direction.

Don’t ever be afraid to seek information, and ask questions
either! You will be amazed at how the universe responds when
you put yourself out there. Just trust.

I am going to share a quote with you before I go today.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole
staircase, just take the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King

Ok my friends, I wish you all the best today and we’ll chat
more soon!

Your partner in success,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. Learn how to generate endless leads for your business,
and close at least 5-10 new business partners every month.
I kid you not…my grandmother could be successful with
network marketing when I teach her how to do it like I do it.

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