I made an effort to “work” a network marketing business (Both were wellness companies) twice before… i wound up spending more money than i made back in commission and my time was not compensated. However i followed everything my uplines all the way up to the top millionaire, would tell me. Calling your friends and family and trying to pitch them does not work for everybody. They are not going to be as excited as you are until they see what you have seen. They put up barriers because they have never seen you so excited and going the witness protection program and dont answer the phone. My cousin tried to pitch my family including my mom and aunt on selling mary kay cosmetic or maybe it was arbonee. What happened was that my aunt found out she was being pitched to join the company, and so she called everyone in our family and warned them so that they could avoid phone calls from my cousin Nora. When she called my mom, my mom told me that if i answered it to say that she went out for dinner and was not home. This story happened just within the past momth.

The other approach is to market yourself online as someone who would be an attractive business partner, in a field (health and wellness) that others are seeking to get involved in already. Millions of people around the world are searching on google for “how to build a downline” “how to generate leads for my business” “how to make 5 figures a month in network marketing”. Why not get your website, article, or video to show up in the search result, when someone is ACTIVELY SEARCHING to join an MLM. Your family and friends (most of them) are NOT LOOKING to join an MLM. And unless they have been in MLM before, or unless you get them to become reallly educated on our industry in a short amount of time, they are going to not have a high belief in this vehicle to changing the quality of their life or solving one of their problems. Sales and Marketing are ALWAYS AND ONLY about SOLVING OTHER PEOPLES PROBLEMS (sorry bout the caps, im not yelling, just emphasizing, there is no italics here)

I’m going to use this email on my blog, and perhaps narration for a video i will create and upload which, can probably show up in google within a few weeks if i just figure out what keywords to use in the description. (i hope that makes sense to you).

My mentors Norbert, Todd, and Brian are hosting a webinar this Wednesday, which is Free to Guests, on how to get your websites/videos/etc to show up on the first page, or first results on google, more easily, with a new automated program that was developed. If you’d like i can send you an invitation, it is at 9pm EST so i guess that is 6pm or 7pm by you.

If you want to be invited to the webinar and future webinars, visit my website (that Norbert, Brian, and Todd helped me put together), and sign up with your email at my site:

“I’d like to get your opinion about the company/product”
I have been around the Industry for a few years Laura – I know that this is a cop-out and your really trying to get me to give you my opinion in hopes that i will endorse the products and join the company – or at least that is what most people mean when they say that. So, i would avoid using that to anyone who has been in MLM before – because they, like me, see through this right away and can tell you are lying.

Just thought i’d give u that advice. I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

Network marketing is a great potential, but I am only going to get involved when (and as soon as I) have the capitol to spend at least $1000 per month on advertising (online or offline in newspaper, etc). What other success companies in the world do NO Legit marketing, but just call up 100 of their friends and relatives, and people they meet in the grocery store, and trying to recruit people who show absolute no interest. Even if you do succeed at convincing and recruiting some of these people, and yes it is possible, but they will be dragggged into the business and you will be pushing them along the whole way.

The other thing you should consider, is to get trained in how to market ANY business FIRST and just treat it like a college course first. Unless you have marketing training, it is recommended by many of my mentors to get basic marketing 101 training first, before spending any money on advertising, and before spending your precious and valuable TIME on prospecting. i.e. If you call all your 100 family and friends over 20 hrs time and maybe mail out a cd to them, maybe spend $500 on going to an event, maybe drive around town meeting with people in their home or at a coffee shop… and made no money, you are in the HOLE -$5,000 or so, and you basically learned NOTHING about marketing, all you learned is that your friends and family are not interested. You can learn yourself, because then you will see what i mean firsthand, but the minute you see what im telling you is correct, come back to me and say ‘hey matt your right’!

When i did that, i had no one to coach me to market or change my approach, the only approach i was taught by my company/upline was home meetings and calling on friends, getting them to come to events, etc. Well, i went into debt about -$5000 from that, only made $162 commission check, and never recovered.

And, they were the BEST products in the world!!! The problem is you cant convince people this enough to make your money.

Just learn to market, and if it takes 3 months or so, then that is worth it. When you START or LAUNCH your business you will do it on the right foot. I actually have a program called MLM Launch Formula, that i spent $300 on. The value of the product is 10,000 x that. The info in the course will make me millions. It already made Marc Hoverson, Jonathan Budd, and thousands of their students successful entrepreneurs and 6 or 7-figure earners. Its stuff i guarantee your company will never teach you.

I am still preparing and waiting for my official launch. I dont know when im going to do it! Sometime in the next few years, but who knows?! Right now the universe is saying the timing isnt right, so i’ve pursued other endeavors. But i have already built a website like i showed you, in prep for the launch. Momentum is the key, so you want to have like 3 or 5 people join your company overnight and partner with them to your mutual benefit. Jonathan’s course is so awesome.

Laura you have more than enough kids to babysit and hold their hand to walk them across the street… why are you trying to recruit more!?  Go out and find people who are professionals already, or people who are actively looking to join an MLM.

We’ll talk later on how to get this done.

Let’s wait till after the weekend, i am above-normal focused and productive until then… the only reason i wrote all this out is because i know i can get two things accomplished and use it as content for an article/blog.


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