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Hey Friends!

Did you see the video that Kevin Trudeau’s friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell just posted? It’s a video I produced about my recommended healing protocol that has helped many people dying of cancer or other diseses….

Lung Cancer Patient Coughs Up 38 Dead Tumors on Natural Mineral Protocal:

By the way, here is a picture of me and “Dr. C” on the Global Information Network Leadership Cruise January 2011:

Dr Leonard Coldwell GIN Leadership Cruise

There have been over 4,000 patients with cancer over the past 15 years use this unique program – which is a natural supplement formula combined with a pure diet, that shows around a 90% success rate at helping the patients who reversed a variety of most of the major and minor types of Cancers,  but also Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, even Muscular Dystrophy and many others.

So, the “go getter” that I am… the fact that I’m a professional fundraiser and have extensive knowledge of holistic healing, I feel this is part of my mission in life:

I am raising money for a few friends and clients who are dying from cancer. They wants to do the natural healing regimine I teach, and we need your help!

If everybody who read this donated we could help these people – so please consider my plea for help in this message, I know it is long.

First let me share with you a few Examples of this working so you can see why we are such a believers that this can help my friend:

-72 Year old woman with Double Lung, Liver, and Colon cancer – Clean in 7 Weeks

-Triple Colon Cancer, Diabetes and Mitral Valve Prolapse – Full Recovery/Reversal

-Patients with Gout, Kidney Stones, Cysts, back neck or joint pain getting great results

-Full healing of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Autism, Down Syndrome, and more

-Wheelchair bound Muscular Dystrophy patient stands up in 7 hours
(her the story by being on our email list)

-Multiple Sclerosis patient wheelchair bound stands up on Day 1 of the program (hear interview on website)

-Pets/Animals healed of many diseases including cancer

-People feeling healthier, more energy, regular bowel movements, reduce or eliminated pains

-Shown to help people who eliminates headaches, allergies, Lymes, improve Hair and nail growth, healthier skin, better sleep, helps with candida elimination

These minerals and ingredients can help to support the body in the process of:

-Correcting the DNA instructions for proper cell, hormone, lymph, and chemistry manufacture

-Alkalize and Oxygenate the body at the cellular level

-Increase the nerve flow within the body by increasing the electrical conductivity

-Boost the Immunity with over 600 properties known to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and unnatural parasites

-Providing antioxidant support to help against free radicals and inflammation

Now, I have several 4th stage cancer clients who wants to use the formula in an effort to save his life. Some can only afford a minimum amount of these expensive vitamins, but I am encouraging him to take the full amount! I’ll have their stories and plea for help up here soon…

With extra financial support, I also plan on giving away copies of “Your Wish is Your Command” to Cancer patients and those with other illnesses, so they can be properly taught How the Law of Attraction works, so that they can learn to attract abundant health once again.

Also we are giving them a copy of “The Emotion Code” book and training them how to do the technique to release trapped emotions so they vibrate at a higher rate so their body can heal better.

If you resonate with our mission, please consider a one-time or monthly donation of $20, $40, $60 or any amount! The Karma will come back to you in abundance ten fold.

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EVERY dollar is put to help save someone’s life: Our foundation doesn’t even pay rent, so your money is not going to that! All directly to help sick people get well. Visit our website and please consider donating any amount to help people that are dying.





Donate any amount using paypal on the left side of the page. Then Join our free newsletter (blue form on the right at and you will receive:

1) A Free CD and 2 Free DVDs, MAILED to you physically, that you can use to educate & inspire your friends about Healing Cancer, and exposing the AIDS Fraud you wish you knew about! Upon watching you’ll see there is nothing to fear about AIDS.

2) A 20 minute health consultation checking for mineral deficiencies and trapped emotions. You’ll have 3 trapped emotions physically released over the phone. (learn more here:

3) Kevin Trudeau’s “25 Secrets of Wealth Creation” 60 minute CD, teaching how anyone can create any amount of money they desire.

4)A list of Cancer Survivors & medical doctors who used or use this program – to find emotional and medical support from: Also you’ll get access to my upcoming cancer survivor support group webchat that will be available for clients only.

5) A sample of the formula for you to use and compare how you feel vs. your current multi-vitamin. Most people feel a difference within two hours. If at high doses, people are getting well with cancer, why not take it for prevention to fight against cancer? That is what me and my family do. :)

The above is all free if you donate $1 up to $99. Thank you for being generous!


I’ll also let you pick from here whatever 3 things you want in exchange for your gift:

For those generous enough to donate $100 or more, you receive (pick any) three of the following:

–Your personal copy of “Your Wish is Your Command” (Kevin’s Law of Attraction 14-CD re-programming series – see that teaches you how to live your life to it’s fullest potential and manifest all your lifes desires. (Sold for $400 on TV)

–A kineseological health consultation including an overview using the Body Code Healing System, checking for stored trapped emotions, emotional release, and check for mineral deficiencies, candida, viruses, parasites, etc.
(can be done via phone or in person)

–How to do The Callahan Tapping Technique: Your own copy of  8 instructional DVDs detailing how to learn EFT step-by-step

–How to Be Sovereign, How to Eliminate any debt, what I deem Legal “Cures” They Don’t want you to know. Three complete sets of 8-DVD sets from experts teaching remedy in a classroom setting. (24 DVDs in total) You’ll learn step-by-step: the administrative process, Accepted for Value, how to avoid Arrest, using Private Set off Bonds, and also understand the process fully. You get access to two weekly training calls to connect with a community of sovereign people to answer your questions and help you receive financial or legal remedy.


If you donate over $200, I will give you a gift: ALL THE ABOVE!

For a $500 donation, you ALSO receive:

8) I will share with you a selection of personal development audio CDs and EBooks, over 200 CDs and audio files, two dozen EBooks ($5,000+ value).


9) TWO month’s supply of the supplements with all the ingredients used in the natural protocol -  for your own personal use for prevention purposes or give to a friend who is sick to help them too!!! ($220 value)

If you donate over $1000, I’ll also help you or a friend of yours (or take a voucher for a) through a private commercial administrative process that I have used to successfully win a judgment against the bank involving a credit card debt.

Donation by payment plan – monthly installments accepted.

Contact us by phone to make your donation tax-deductible.

–Matthew Thomas Rammelkamp
Call me anytime: 631-866-6708

I am here to serve everybody and help save people’s lives. I am here to give forward and offer my services to whomever needs them. Please consider a donation and I will offer you your gifts in thanks for your generosity. :)

Donate / Join our email list / Learn more at:
Our Cancer Healing Testimonial Promoted by Dr. Coldwell!!!

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