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If you have a mortgage you definitely need to read this!


If you have a mortgage you definitely need to read this!

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), as conservator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises), today filed lawsuits against 17 financial institutions, certain of their officers and various unaffiliated lead underwriters. The suits allege violations of federal securities laws and common law in the sale of residential private-label mortgage-backed securities (PLS) to the Enterprises.

Complaints have been filed against the following lead defendants, in alphabetical order:


1. Ally Financial Inc. f/k/a GMAC, LLC – $6 billion

2. Bank of America Corporation – $6 billion

3. Barclays Bank PLC – $4.9 billion

4. Citigroup, Inc. – $3.5 billion

5. Countrywide Financial Corporation -$26.6 billion

6. Credit Suisse Holdings (USA), Inc. – $14.1 billion

7. Deutsche Bank AG – $14.2 billion

8. First Horizon National Corporation – $883 million

9. General Electric Company – $549 million

10. Goldman Sachs & Co. – $11.1 billion

11. HSBC North America Holdings, Inc. – $6.2 billion

12. JPMorgan Chase & Co. – $33 billion

13. Merrill Lynch & Co. / First Franklin Financial Corp. – $24.8 billion

14. Morgan Stanley – $10.6 billion

15. Nomura Holding America Inc. – $2 billion

16. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC – $30.4 billion

17. Société Générale – $1.3 billion

These complaints were filed in federal or state court in New York or the federal court in Connecticut. The complaints seek damages and civil penalties under the Securities Act of 1933, similar in content to the complaint FHFA filed against UBS Americas, Inc. on July 27, 2011. In addition, each complaint seeks compensatory damages for negligent misrepresentation. Certain complaints also allege state securities law violations or common law fraud. [read full FHFA release]

You can read the suits filed against each individual bank here. For some more information read Bloomberg: BofA, JPMorgan Among 17 Banks Sued by U.S. for $196 Billion. Noticeably absent from the list of companies being sued is Wells Fargo.

And the suits just keep coming…




You can Profit from the above stated Corruption on Wall Street. Instead of Protesting in the street in tents like the Occupy Wall Street people… get in touch with me and I can hook you up with a legal advocate company based in Long Island, New York.  We invite you to find out how to get your mortgage payment cut, or even to get your completely free and clear due to the banking fraud taking place.

Make sure to contact me and I’ll put you in touch with somebody from the company. Best time to call is in the evenings and you can receive a free evaluation to see if you qualify to get your Mortgage Balance Reduced or Eliminated!

Pay it Forward and Pass this Email along to anybody with a mortgage!!!

-Matthew Thomas Rammelkamp
GIN Platinum Member, Entrepreneur, Legal Advocate
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Your Financial Empowerment Hope and Happiness in 2012

Greetings Friends,

I hope your Holiday was amazing!

For years, you all know I have been promoting and posting information like action alerts, political updates, health updates, and advice on how to live a better life, a more fulfilled life, and with as less stress and more energy, health, and well-being as possible.

Many of you are on this list, and have subscribed to my blog and my facebook page, because the health information I have shared has been of help to you… for those with various health challenges, scary diagnoses, and late stage cancer or other conditions that there was virtually no hope surviving through, with quote “conventional”, inside-the-box quote “methods”.

I’m here to share with you today, something that I feel will have tremendous value… argueably moreso than any health advice I can even provide you. You see, many of you are aware of non-surgical, non-drug-induced healing modalities to bring your body back into balance and that can help and allow you to heal to your natural DNA blueprint. Many of you are aware of books like “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want you to Know About.

The challenge is, that many of you are financially challenged, many of you are months behind in your mortgage payment, many of you have stacks of credit card charges that are pilling up or have been pilled up for years now, many of you are paying interest on your home, your credit card, your student loan, and many of you with the health challenges have hospital bills that are overdue and owing, and are a burden. Others have IRS debts, or property taxes, that are due and you have no clue how on planet earth you’ll ever pay them.

In fact, you probably are very familiar with the debts that I talk about. Your thinking about them all day long, your thinking about them every week, and when you make a small “luxury” purchase like eating at a restaurant once a month, you cringe at the bill and you feel guilty that you spent the money, the whole time your riding home in the car. Many of you are frustrated and say “holy shit” how do I need this unexpected car repair, how did I wind up spending this amount of money on food, or miscellaneous items… and how am I ever going to pay my debts and just get back to zero!

“If I can just get back to zero” – you say! That would be amazing. Your thinking, “I don’t want more, I don’t need more, I don’t need a big house, I don’t need a million dollars”…sure it would be nice…but what I want is,,, if I could just pay off my debts…if I could just get this…financial burden lifted. I would feel ….. ahhhhhh….

With out a lot of hype, without a big sales pitch…. I’m here to tell you today, two things that will free you, if you implement them, and if you take advantage.

I was there… with approximately $30,000 of Credit Card Debt, and another debt of $180,000.

I was able to forget about my debt, to stop thinking about it, to stop worrying about it.

You see; worrying is in fact “Negative Goal Setting”. Don’t Do It!

If you take the bills off your counter, and focus on other things, and other areas….your life’s purpose, your passions, loving and playing with your children, building your dream business, living in your dream house, marrying the person of your dreams… just focus on what you WANT…NOT on what you don’t want.

This is KEY.

So, what I am going to do for you… if you’ve got a financial challenge… is I am going to share with you, for free several Key things that I hope you will begin to implement to resolve your financial problems.


You really have….


Nothing to loose.


The first one is the Book, and the Movie, The Secret, by Ronda Byrne. This book is amazing. This book is life-changing. This book, changed my life 4 years ago. Not only am I clear and free of any debt burdens, but I recently won a promotion that has virtually turned me into a multi-millionaire, starting in early 2012. I’m excited to begin the next stage of my life. I’m excited to use this income stream to move to the location I’ve always wanted to live, to visit some family members that I’ve lost touch with because they moved to Florida many years ago and I could not afford to see them in other 5 years, I’m excited to funnel loads of cash into my not for profit organization, reaching out to people on the internet searching for solutions and answers on how to get their bodies to heal. I’m excited to be able to become the creative being, the transformation that I’ve always wanted to see in this world.

This book reveals a Secret… that you become what you think about most of the time. This book, reveals how to begin to think correctly, so that your mind will change the world and the universe all around you. Let me explain something to you: Every thought has a frequency. This can be *measured*. If you don’t like what you see – your images in your life – the pictures that enter your eyes…. It’s just a reflection of the frequency or vibration that your dialed into in your **mind***.   This book, this movie, this documentary if you will…will open you up to a new way of thinking about life’s challenging situations, and from it, in a few short months, you can re-train yourself and your images, will be dramatically different. If you don’t like the music station on 92.7 FM….complaining about it, trying to balance your checkbook, trying to get a better paying, a higher-paying job, trying to solicit help from loved ones… none of these methods is really going to change what you receive on your radio dial. You need to *change* the frequency, and *immediately* in a split second, the feedback changes. If you change it to 770 AM, you immediately get a different receipt if you will, than 92.7 FM. It’s really that easy.

Please, do yourself a favor…and go out, and read this book. Go to a Borders Books in your town, or a Barnes and Noble, or any bookstore, and get the book. Order it on There are 1,196 used copies of this book, for as low as 77 cents. There are no excuses. You can cough up 77 cents and a small shipping cost to get this book. Get it today.

Next, watch the movie. Many of your friends already have this movie. Call every one of them up, and ask them if they own it, and then go over to their house and watch it or borrow it. You can also order the book used for $4.00 here

Next, “Your Wish is Your Command”… this is a CD Program that I’ve offered to all of my e-mail subscribers for free. If you’ve searched online, you will see it sells for $300. It’s a extended, more in-depth explanation of The Secret, with a lot more tangible techniques and information. It really only makes the most sense after you’ve seen The Secret – but if you are ready for this, you can call me at 631-866-6708 and request your copy of Your Wish is Your Command – completely FREE – today. I’m excited for you and this journey to really get a chance to explore this information. You’ll come out of it a lot more fulfilled, empowered, and confident in taking on all the challenges that you face in your life.

Now…after you’ve ordered those materials. I have a gift to offer you, and a specific technique, that is virtually risk-free, that can free you from every single debt that you owe. I really want you to watch and read The Secret first, and listen to Your Wish is Your Command first…because with these techniques to eradicate your debts, if you just use them and then do not change the frequency in your mind that you are broadcasting into the universe…your going to find yourself right back into debt to the IRS, Creditors, and behind on your home payments yet again. You really need to consider, a long-term approach by changing the thoughts you’ve been thinking. Your thoughts of financial stress wind up attracting to you, more financial stress. Like a magnet…it works every time, with every person. So STOP doing it. Watch The Secret. Next, Listen to Your Wish is Your Command.

OK Next…if you are ready to get rid of all your debt, dollar for dollar, in a procedure that I’ve been learning and that I’ve personally applied, and helped dozens of people… go to this website and opt-in to my email list, and I will be announcing very shortly, my very own private membership website, with proven testimonials, proven documented evidence, and success cases of people eradicating mortgages in entirety,, credit cards on over $100,000 and one friend of mine had 30 credit cards up to $200,000 that he eradicated. Child support bill, with interest, to an individual who was in jail and couldn’t pay, that was over $1 Million. Federal Fines and Restitution in Criminal cases, that were Millions of dollars, and completely eradicated.

This procedure, or procedures, is very simple, you may never need to go to court, hire a lawyer or attorney, you will never have to really study any law books. It is NOT bankruptcy, it is NOT like anything you’ve ever heard of…and it is 100% legal (of course). In fact, this method or remedy of discharging your debts, dollar for dollar, was provided for us by the Federal Government, and has been public policy for over 79 years. 

Very few know the law, very few read every law, code, and statute, and very few know that it exists. Many live by the skeptic motto, “If it’s not advertised on TV, I don’t know about it, and I don’t believe it. It must be a scam”. 

Hahhaah….. well, if that is your opinion, then I wish you the best of luck. What about, all the drug company ads on TV that have killed people, and the drug companies had to pull those drugs like Vioxx and many others from the market after bribing the Food and Drug Administration to get their drug approved. What about, the lies on TV that all these oil companies are “investing in renewable energy”…what about all the political ads for candidates on TV that are, complete lies made up to smear and destroy the reputation of the other candidate, that later have been exposed to be completely non-factual. 

If your watching and getting your information from Fox News, CNN, or TV… quite frankly, you’re an idiot. In fact, you should unsubscribe from this email list and continue being programmed by corporate America. Yes, that is why they call it Television Programming, for a reason. Your not being brain washed*, your have dirt programmed into your mind. You need to be brain washed,,, you need to get a clean and clear mind.

If you have not done so yet, go Watch The Secret, and Listen to Your Wish is Your Command. Contact me for your personal copy of both, today, if you need me to give them to you for free.

Next:  Subscribe to the following e-mail list…

…and stay tuned to your e-mail, because I am going to send out an announcement to my thousands of follower later this week, with all the relevant information for you to become educated and enlightened; I am going to release to you a website, for you to witness first hand testimonials of people just like you, who freed themselves up financially, who have legally, lawfully, and ethically…eradicated Millions of dollars of debt, using a simple procedure. And I am going to tell you exactly where and who to go to, to get this done. This is information my good friend who is a lawyer knows about, but that most lawyers do not know about and will never tell you. His interview is going to blow your mind!

I’m excited to share this with you. It’s almost 2012, and this world will not wait much longer before the slave-race of people driving to work every day just to pay their debts is lifted. The world is about to transform into an amazing paradise and we are at the forefront, the leading edge of this transformation.

I love you all, and I’m excited to help facilitate this journey…


Matthew Thomas Rammelkamp

Three Key Gifts to Help Your Healing This Holiday Season

Hi Friends,
*Remember This Holiday To Tell Your Friends and Family the Three Key Gifts to Help Your Healing*:

1. Use high-quality Minerals & Vitamins and a Whole Foods Organic Diet to nourish your body (such as the Mineral Formula).

2. Eliminate Your Financial Burden – Credit Card Debt, Student Loans, and Medical Bills, and High Mortgage Bills MUST be Eliminated to reduce your stress. (we’ll have a *Brand New Website* dedicated just to this coming very soon!)

3. A Positive Approach – Use the Law of Attraction and the power of visualization to believe you are already healed, and your progress will be much easier. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques or Dr. Brad Nelson’s Emotion Code technique. Ask us for a Free Copy of “Your Wish is Your Command” (see )

Those who need help are encouraged to receive our recommendations. We are just a phone call or an e-mail away – available 7 days a week to assist and serve you!

Even on Christmas!

You deserve to live and you deserve to be stress-free and debt-free in a time of healing your body.


Or Call:

Matthew Rammelkamp :)

I am Grateful for The Secret by Rhonda Byrne! Read this book!

The name symbolizes why we do what we do.

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received…

… or will receive.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do when I open my eyes is to run through a list of all the things I am thankful and grateful for, including the things I am not even aware of yet… but are *off my radar screen*.
If you’ve seen The Secret or read the book, you know why this powerful gratitude or prayer technique works wonders.
If you have not seen The Secret by Rhonda Byrne but would like your own copy, I am offering you a copy of this important DVD that is so revolutionar-ily empowering!
Just call or e-mail me back your postal mailing address and I’ll mail you a copy…
Happy Holidays.
Matthew Thomas Rammelkamp
Contact: 631-866-6708

That’s Kevin Trudeau on the left & me on the right…

Why Support Ron Paul (even if he might not “win”)?

To all those who say, don’t bother donating to Ron Paul because he might not win…

I have this to say in response:

Ron paul 2008 and Ron Paul 2012 was/is more about awakening people to new ideas and raising the consciousness of the planet than it is about winning the nomination.

Also… all the other Republican candidates, and even the Democrats are taking Ron Paul’s ideas into their own campaigns, in order to gain popularity. He is definitely having an effect on politics, even if he doesn’t win. Yet, if you look at the polls, he is in the top 3 and in some poles he is #1.   Last election cycle he was #5 and #6. So, each cycle he is doing better. It’s a strategy over many generations. Most people have an instant-gratification-mentality. My mentality is over the next 50 years, or 100 years, what effect will Ron Paul’s campaigning have on our Future?

Also by his growing support since 2007/8, literally hundreds of other Ron-Paul-Republican-Candidates have run in local, country, and state elections. My friend Jim Forsthye piggy-backed on the back of the Ron Paul grassroots movement momentum to get elected as STATE senator in New Hampshire. There are countless other examples of people taking this momentum to the local level….Chris Cantwell for Brookhaven who is running against Tim Bishop in our district, and the list goes on. I feel my donation to Ron Paul is supporting a movement of people taking the country back to support libertarianism and smaller less-tyrannical government.

As for the response to “Why is he running on the Republican ticket? That is a turn off! Republicans are assholes!” Well….  Republican is George Washington, Republican is Abraham Lincoln.    If your reading this, you’ve probably only been alive for 20, 30, 50, or 70  or so years of our nations history, and you really dont know what the word “Republican” even means. I studied political science i have a degee in it (lol)…so, yea, I Know better than any of us…Ron Paul is the ONLY republican. The other guys are just neocons who want to go to war and conservative-family-values. They also are overspenders just like the Democrats, and all take bribes.
Hope my feedback is somewhat constructive and non-confrontational, that is my intent, to educate you on this here.

Also, the more popularity Ron Paul gets in his run for President, the more he gets paid attention in Congress when he introduces bills that nobody else would ever sponsor. Such as the bill to eradicate the Federal Reserve or to provide an option for insurance companies to cover Alternative Medicine, or to support Health Freedom and ban GMO Foods.


So… hope those are good enough reasons for you to consider supporting Ron Paul in 2012.


Yours Truly,


Hey Friends,

This is a very special promotion I wanted to offer you for being a member of my email list and a friend of mine. This is by far the #1 most important e-mail I have ever sent. Some of you are also getting this letter mailed to show you the importance and that I am serious!

I know this may sound too good to be true, but you can win $1000-$5,000 or more a month for the next 5 years, Free CELL SYNERGY or PHRESHGREENS every month for LIFE (the healthiest supplements on the planet that I sell), as well as discounted membership in a private club that teaches the latest news about health and “Naural Cures” as well as Financial Abundance, Investments, Asset Protection, Wealth Creation, and much more. Plus you are entitled to meet me on a FREE Luxury Cruise in the Caribbean this Winter!

On the cruise you’ll be able to attend up to 12 FREE Seminars from people that include: the world’s #1 Natural Cures teacher – Kevin Trudeau, the world’s #1 Cancer Healer who helped 35,000 patients at a reported 92.3% success rate: Dr. Leonard Coldwell, as well as many other great speakers and authors. In fact, I’ll even introduce you to Dr. C or Kevin Trudeau in person and I’ll even invite you to HAVE DINNER with them or another speaker… You definitely want to consider joining us on the Global Information Network FREE 4 day, 3-night Royal Caribbean Luxury Cruise this January 20-23, or for 5 days Jan 16-20th. (OR if for some reason, circumstances can’t allow you to manifest the cruise this winter, you can win a FREE Cruise for January 2013.)

OK, so read on or print this out and read the rest of this on the train, subway, or whenever you are waiting around today in a doctors office. I definitely encourage you to read the entire letter, and I know it’s a little lengthy, but trust me the best part is for you to cash-in on some virtually free money every month for the rest of your life is coming up.

I really pray that you feel my real motivation and how we can mutually benefit and improve our lives dramatically by participating in this promotion. With this said, it is vital for you to read the entire message below without skipping a sentence.

OK, so read on…

Here’s the inside scoop of what’s going on…

This month I am pushing to qualify for a promotion with a multi-level marketing organization called Global Information Network (GIN) – whose product is a private membership club whose goal is to help people achieve all their goals in life. As people ascend to higher levels of improving and perfecting themselves, throughout the next few years, we are literally raising the vibration of the planet and help to usher in a new consciousness shift. This shift that has been talked about will lead us towards a more abundant and peaceful world within the next few decades.Wars, rapes, murder, burglary, greed, jealousy will be eradicated as we raise our consciousness as a species.

But it all starts with YOURSELF. The outside is a reflection of the inside. If you have stored anger and resentment inside of you, it is going to show up in the world around you. And how are you ever going to be given the freedom to pay for all your financial obligations, and get out of debt, without releasing the stored emotions inside, as well as the negative thought-habits that we have all created from our parents, authority, and the media. They are preventing you from moving ahead and GIN has a system created to clear these negative “chips” from people’s “fields.”

Keep Reading..

I have benefitted greatly from my membership in GIN. They have a “system” for achieving your dreams and goals in life – which consists of reading positive-thinking books every day, listening to positive-thinking audios every single day, going to major weekend “positive thinking” functions with thousands of other like-minded “success-minded” people. Our society members also practice exercises on a weekly basis meant to expand our belief system of what we can achieve, such as: “dream building” activities that include test-driving the new car that you may not be able to afford yet, or shopping for that new home that you have no clue how or when you’ll be able to obtain.

Another practice our society uses in order to put out “good karma” is the art of giving and receiving recognition, gratitude, and thanks to other members in our club who have achieved their goals. Many secret societies like freemasonry, skull and bones, the Brotherhood, and the Bilderberg group all do these things and that is why their members are among the most wealthy and financially abuandant people in the world.

Our society members also network – to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other club members, we are virtually guaranteeing success. We all follow the code that all members help other members to succeed.

Since my participation in this society and doing these things for the past 10 months, I have increased my income five-fold.

I also attracted people “off my radar screen” who just dropped remedies in my lap for health issues I’d been suffering with for years. I found a solution for my insomnia, foot pain, and back pain when I was previously suffering for six years when over $5,000 in chiropractors (probably over 150 visits) couldn’t help me.

I have been meeting the most amazing people that I’ve ever attracted in my life from being a part of this society, and my life finally is taking off into “turbo-drive”! No more struggling to pay my bills…no more loneliness…no more uncertainty about the future! :)

In our club, there are so many amazing natural healers and new healing information I am learning every single week from talking to other members. I’ve also been given priority and discounted costs for acupuncture, rolfing, B.E.S.T. sessions, as well as to join an upcoming organic food program that makes organic food delivered to your front-door and raw dairy/meat products at a discount for our membership.  This is just scratching the surface.

I also made over $10,000 in extra income from marketing my services to other GIN-members through the community forum and at events networking. I also made quite a number of new friends and dozens of new acquaintences who I share mutually beneficial relationships with; the value of which is absolutely priceless.

The networking and business I am getting is phenomenal and this is just the beginning of many lifelong client-relationships.

Also my four of my BEST friends – including my Best friend and Mentor, I created through my association with this Global Information Network.

And I am sure that my spouse, wife, and soul-mate will probably come from this club within the next few years… why would I look for anybody less?

This is truly The World’s Only International Fraternal Community of Tens of Thousands of like-minded individuals.

Consider my Invitation to Join Our Club.

So how did I find this organization and how come you never heard of it?

Originally I was open minded to the information from Kevin Trudeau. He’s the infomercial guy (and ex-Brotherhood society member) whose book “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” woke up Millions that I read in 2005 that started my journey of discovering the truth about our world, especially with the poisonous food and drugs that are pushed upon us. Fluoride in the water, chemtrails, and a corrupt system of government…. I have been becoming more educated ever since listening to Kevin’s radio show at as well as Alex Jones at Kevin is a big supporter of Alex as well as Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and has featured guests like Dr. Blaylock who have exposed MSG and Aspartame for causing Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, and many other illnesses. The government currently has a case against Kevin in which they are trying to throw him in jail for 5 years for speaking out against government corruption and the pharmaceutical industry has spent over $30 million campaigning against him as a “snake oil salesman”.

Kevin is fighting his case, using millions of dollars to go to trial, in order to stand up for our first-amendment rights. He was offered an opportunity to back down and plea to no jail time and no fine, but he is spending Tens of Millions fighting to set a precedent that the government can not put people in jail for talking about health on infomercials or on the radio!

After investigating Kevin’s rise to become a successful Billionaire, I found that he went from being broke in a blue-collar neighborhood outside of Boston, to creating over one million dollars before age 18. He used information he learned in a Secret Society known as The Brotherhood. Now he has aligned with 30 other ex-Illuminati insiders to create a ciriculum to teach the average person how to achieve whatever levels of Success and Happiness they want. This training is called the “Success Mastery Course” and is one of the best things that is what you pay for with your GIN membership. The first part of the Success Mastery Course is a 14-CD set program called “Your Wish is Your Command” that has sold on TV for $300 but I am giving to you for FREE for all my e-mail list subscribers. I’m sure you all know by now, you can just call me on the telephone, and introduce yourself to me, and I will send you access to this series absolutely free. 631-866-6708

We are so grateful that that somebody with a Billion dollars in Net Worth is using their fame and wealth to educate people. I would like to do the same and if your reading this, probably you have similar goals to help lots of people. But you have to work on yourself first, or you can’t help other people. That’s why this club was founded. For you to achieve dynamic, perfect health, fulfilling lifelong harmonious relationships, emotional well-being, to experience gratitude and love every single day of your life, and to obtain financial abundance and wealth protection – even in our uncertain economic times.

So, I am a part of Kevin’s multi-level marketing organization GIN. This organization is doing a promotion this month. Now here’s where the incentive comes in.

All I need is for 10 people to sign up who each sign up 1 person under them, and I will qualify for Platinumship.

Starting in January, and for the period of 5 years, all the Platinum’s would equally share 2% of the entire revenue taken in by the Global Information Network. So if there are 100 people who qualify as platinums… 2% of the revenue would be split up among those 100 people.

A few months ago, Kevin estimated that each Platinum member would have gotten a bonus commission would be over $50,000 a month, if it had went into effect that month. Listen to the audio here:

But actually that number is higher – as the organization grows, and the finite number of Platinums stays the same, for the next 5 years, that bonus check will go up every single month. GIN is growing by at least 10-20% in it’s membership every single month and now has tens of thousands of members in over 150 countries around the world. It has a really great affiliate compensation, and is set up in a duplicatible way. I’ve already made several thousand dollars with about 3 hours a month promoting GIN membership in my spare time.

So, what I propose is this —-

Since I only need a small handful more of recruits to Join GIN in my downline to go Platinum, I am willing to give anybody on my email list who is seriously interested, an offer:

First off, Lifetime Membership in our club is only $1000 but it is only $150 if you join this Month! Plus you win a FREE Royal Caribbean 4-day, 3-night cruise this January. The dates for the cruise are two options – Monday-Friday Jan 16-20, or Fri-Mon Jan 20-23, OR either date in January 2013. You can sign up individually or with a friend and then you can both be members and both attend the cruise event. This Cruise is valued at $5000 and last year it was the most amazing experience of my life! For more info, visit

(see my facebook pictures to see my pictures, including a picture with me hanging out with Kevin Trudeau and Dr. Leonard Coldwell)

The cruise event alone is worth joining our club, and if you are a believer in Natural Health, Law of Attraction, Wealth Creation, Emotional Freedom, Making New Friends and Business Partners, Networking, or Self-Improvement, our club is probably a good fit for you.Visit to read more about our club, and watch the Membership Overview video.

On the cruise, you’ll get to hear a seminar from over 10 awesome speakers, and you get to meet them and HANG OUT WITH Dr. Leonard Coldwell (, who healed 35,000 cancer patients with 92.3% success rate. Many of you on my list know of him because I gave you a Free copy of his Stress Reduction CD set (sold elsewhere at $200).

Other speakers are John Gray (author of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”), Kevin Trudeau, Dr. Ted Morter (, and To Be Announced but may include the 1st person ever to make over a million dollars on EBAY, Mary Miller (relationship expert), and Marshall Silver (hypnotists and millionaire-maker), and The Amazing Kreskin (mentalist, mind-reader).

If you join GIN this month in November, and allow me to place somebody underneath you, you will receive a commission from them every month for life (or as long as they stay a member). I will also give you back 20% of your $150 every month… meaning your dues are only $120. OR I will send you 1 Free Kit of either CELL SYNERGY or pHreshGreens (see for LIFE – and I will even pay your $120 starting in the month that I receive the bonus check (February 2012), and going on for 5 years exactly (as long as I qualify as a platinum).

PLUS, I will give you 2% of my 2% money.

What this means is… if I receive $50,000 a month,  I will give you your $150 to make your membership free, PLUS 2% of $50,000, would be = $1000. So it costs you nothing to be a member, plus your making $1000, or whatever amount 2% of my 2% money is. This number is likely to go up for the next 5 years. If GIN becomes as big as Amway, MonaVie, or Mary Kae, then my check could be $200,000 a month. Your bonus will then be $4000 in that month…plus FREE GIN membership and FREE Whole Food Supplements that I’ve been distributing that are the best way to stay healthy in today’s nutrient-deficient, toxic-world.

And if you join PLUS convince a friend of yours to join with you, then I will give you 3% instead of 2% ! Plus your friend also gets 3% instead of 2% !!!

When I become Platinum, you are getting all these things, plus more. If you’ve ever called me and spoken with me about the vitamins and the healing, you know I give a lot of my time, a lot of information, without expecting anything in return. You know that I over-deliver. In fact, I have never billed anybody for the health consultations, and have extended myself (often to the point of exhaustion), in order to help coach and give free stress-reduction products and emotional healing sessions to cancer patients and others.

Now I am working to become really wealthy so that I can help larger masses of people in need. GIN is also a way for you can grow a huge and ever-growing residual income if you are interested – and if you act fast enough you may even be able to sign up your own 10 people before this month and then we will both qualify. However, liklihood is that your best bet is to just help me because I already have about 15 people and just need 5 more.

If you resonate at all with my intentions, and realize that lots of money in good hands is a great way to help the most amount of people… please consider my offer. Hopefully we’ll become real good friends and create lots of amazing things in the world together out of this opportunity.

Now, I am welcoming you to learn more about this organization, the commission compensation, and the November promotion. At this link below, is a recording of last nights conference call:


and here is a call from Kevin Trudeau talking about how Platinum’s get a bonus check which was estimated at $50,000 per month:


I hope the offer appeals to you, and if so, please make sure to call me for further clarification and I will need you to sign up with a specific Affiliate Code. So, do not sign up as a Member just yet! You can check out but make sure to call me and speaking with me before you sign up! This will not work unless each of you sign up with a unique affiliate code for you!

Would you like to share the wealth???

To Our Mutual Prosperity – for Health and Abundance to Us All

Very Very Very Truly Yours,


Matthew Thomas Rammelkamp


Take Action:
Make the Best Decision of Your Life:

Call me if you’d like to sign up in GIN or have a question about this promotion: 631-866-6708
….or e-mail me back with your phone number so I can call you.


Kevin Trudeau Radio Show Alert – (+Get a Free Smartphone)

Hi Subscriber,

This email is very important, so please read to the end, and make sure you please help us out. We have an opportunity for a FREE gift at the end of this email also.

The mainstream media has become so controlled by the BIG corporations and BIG pharma…

There is no longer FREE speech.

This means on RADIO we have to play by THEIR rules.

On the internet, we have freedoms we won’t likely see again, while supplies last.

Eventually, the internet will be censored and stifled like everything else. For now though, we have the ability to reach people directly on the internet.

We’re skipping the middle man however and whenever possible moving forward.

As of last week, we have our OWN 24/7 radio station that broadcasts to the WORLD. Our radio station has no rules, no borders, no boundaries.

KTRN is broadcasting to you 24/7/365! We’re streaming from as always, and now we’re streaming directly to your CELL PHONE.

In the old days, we carried around radios. We brought them with us everywhere. To the park, in the garage, in the kitchen. Today, 13,000 radio stations air the same 15 rap songs and play the same syndicated talk shows across the US.

All the while, we are now carrying our CELL phones everywhere we go.

KTRN is not available as an APP on all Apple Devices. You can download it FREE and put it on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and there is absolutely no charge (for now). Get it here while it’s FREE:


If you have any Apple devices that run APPS, please download this right away, tell your friends and THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT…..

LEAVE POSITIVE COMMENTS IN ITUNES. This is HUGE. You have seen the trolls who are paid to leave negative comments all over the internet. They do this on message boards. They do this on Wikipedia. They do this everywhere. We can not stop this. What we can do is make sure the positive messages are heard. Please leave positive comments in ITUNES about this app and my books and information. I appreciate it more than you know.


What about the people who do not have iPhones and iPads? Believe me, I know how you feel. I don’t have any of that stuff. I have a cell PHONE. I make calls with it. That’s it.

For those of you who do not have an iPhone, perhaps you have an Android, or Blackberry….etc. The KTRN APP is coming for those phones as shortly. Check everyday for updates.

Now if you do not have a “smart” phone, or you have an old smart phone and would like an Android or Blackberry phone FOR FREE so you can listen to KTRN everywhere all the time, we have a limited number of FREE smartphones. This will be on a first come, first served basis, and naturally the cell phone service provider will require you to extend your agreement with them for service. But the smart phone which is normally $100-$500 would be shipped to you FREE. If you would like a free Blackberry or Android smartphone, click here and follow the directions please.

The show must go on. It will go on. But it’s not going to continue as a “radio” show defined by the corporate radio companies and their sponsors. KTRN is becoming BIGGER than a radio SHOW. It’s truly a radio network and the staff at KTRN is working on building that beyond your wildest imagination.

We can not do it without you. Keep supporting KTRN everyday. Download the iTunes APP here and be sure to leave positive comments and share KTRN with all your friends and family.

How far we go is completely up to YOU.

Yours In Health,

P.S. I am not sure how long the app will be free. Download it now so you get it FREE and as it’s improved, you’ll get all the upgrades! Get the app here

P.S.S. Remember if you do not have a smart phone and would like a FREE smart phone, it will be first come first served. Please do not sign up if you already have an iPhone. We want to get those who do not have smartphones taken care of first. Sign up for a free smartphone here.

How to Lower Your Interest Rate on your Credit Cards in 5 minutes

How to Lower Your Interest Rate on your Credit Cards in 5 minutes. I did this and it works!!!

JUST Call and ASK THEM! If that doesn’t work, send them a letter!

First start off like this:

“I’m looking at my cc statement and I noticed my interest rate is higher than it used to be. I know that when i got the card it had an introductory interest rate. Is there any way i can have that rate back?”

If no, then get a little bit more demanding with them when you call back in a week for the 2nd try:

“…and my interest rate is ___%. I have been a long standing good customer and I have _____(always payed my bills ontime)____. Now the monthly payment is so high, and I won’t be able to pay my utilities and my car insurance. I really don’t want to have to give less than the minimum payment or to go 2 or 3 months without a payment. But if you could do anything for me like lower the interest rate to what it used to be / (or …something more reasonable)….I know I can make the payment. To show you i can make the payment today if you’d like.

Another Approach is:

…Now the interest is so high, with my current income, I don’t see myself paying down this credit card until ____ months/years. At that point it looks too overwhelming and I may just go into default and look at other options (like settlement / bankruptcy / fighting the credit card in court like my friend just did.) If you can lower my interest rate to what my other cards are, I know I’ll feel much much better about the feasibility of paying this down in ____ (ex: 6 short months instead of taking me 3 years). Do you understand? OK… can you find out if there is any way to meet me at a (pick an extremely low low low amount so they will compromise) ____ % interest like my (____other Visa card/ B of A card/ Citibank Card).


…I have now 4 credit cards and can’t afford to pay all of them. I am going to have to default on one of them. I may have to stop making payments this month on the one with the higher interest rate, which is yours. But if you can just lower my interest rate to ____5% I know I can continue making payments and I’ll even make a payment of ____X_____ over the phone right now. (off them double or triple the minimum payment)

Suggestion: Practice these with a friend or yourself in the mirror before calling and doing it!!! The key is CONFIDENCE and Belief!!!

Try it and then post your comment below or on my facebook…

(These suggestions are Right out of “Debt Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau, although I added my own personal touch)

Special Guest Female Success Story – Tues Oct 18th at 10:30pm EST

Join Me This Weeks Tuesday Night
More Heart Than Talent Mindset call!

Date: October 18, 2011

Time: 7:30 pm PST / 10:30 pm EST

Number: 212-461-5860 or 646-519-5860
Pass Code: 7707#

Ignite your inspiration and revive your human spirit this Tuesday with Jeffery Combs and Special Guest Dottie Lessard Brownsberger!

Dottie Lessard-Brownsberger is one of the most inspirational examples of what the human spirit and mind can accomplish. She is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, personal empowerment coach and wellness trainer. Dottie believes everyone has a spark within that when lit will allow them to soar. She specializes in assisting women to believe in themselves and shows them how to overcome anything that is an obstacle today to turn into strength for tomorrow.

Dottie has been a certified personal trainer, licensed muscular therapist, and is now a wellness and empowerment speaker and coach.  Her belief is anyone can accomplish anything with a solid foundation based on health and wellness of the body and mind.


One of her mottos is to “never let a statistic define who you are, create your own statistic.”


Following her double-lung transplant on October 27th 1994, Dottie pursued her lifelong dream of becoming an athlete.  She has competed in and won multiple Gold Medals in the 100m, 200m sprints at the US Transplant Games between 1996 and 2010. Additionally she competes in the Tri-Fitness Challenge against “able-bodied” athletes and is an accomplished fitness competitor within several organizations.  Dottie is a former Nike Sponsored Athlete who has shared the stage with many powerful business women and Olympic champions.  She is an inspiration and role model to women of all ages. Dottie devotes her resources to several organizations including cystic fibrosis and organ donation, organizations that serve to empower women and children, and organizations for the safety and care of animals.


Since the mid-1990′s Dottie has been featured on television, radio, print media as well as wellness/empowerment web publications.   HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel followed Dottie for two years when she was chosen to carry the Olympic Torch through Boston for the 2002 Winter Olympics while battling kidney disease and through her successful recovery from a kidney transplant in October 2002.  In 2005, she was named one of Runner’s World Magazine’s “Heroes of Running”.  Magic 106.7 in Boston awarded her their “Exceptional Woman” award.  Most recently she was interviewed in the April 2011 issue of Success Magazine.  She has also been featured in People magazine, Women’s Running, Oxygen magazine, USA Today, The Boston Globe and many others.


Dottie is mother to son Liam and wife to the love of her life Ben Brownsberger.  Dottie and Ben invest their time empowering others through personal development and wellness coaching focusing on human performance. Dottie is founder of Dottie’s Dream, Inc a 501c3 which creates empowering opportunities for kids and young adults with cystic fibrosis or awaiting/received an organ transplant.   Her first book was released with high praise on may 26, 2010 titled Seven letters That Saved My Life (available at  Dottie is President and CEO of Live Life Fully, LLC, a company dedicated to empowering lives through the power of health, wellness, self belief, and action.


She shares, and knows firsthand, that anything is possible if you create the foundation to stand and live upon.  First, you must Believe You Can.

This is a call you can’t afford to miss!


Access our Tuesday night call archive online at

The archived calls are now formatted as Podcasts which can be played in iTunes, both on Windows and Mac computers!

The files will still appear under the Music section of your iTunes folder.
You will also find specific information about the podcast using the Get Info option.





Jeffery Combs, the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc. is an internationally recognized trainer, speaker, and author in the Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry. Jeffery specializes in prospecting, leadership, teleconference presentations, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, mindset training, and all levels of effective marketing.

He has personally consulted with over 6,000 clients and has devoted over 60,000 hours to his coaching practice since 1998, and is highly sought after by people from all walks of life seeking to change the way they feel in  order to achieve their goals and dreams!

Jeffery is the author of the highly inspiring books More Heart Than Talent, Psychologically Unemployable, and From Procrastination to Production, as well as over fourteen other motivational and personal development products. His books and audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs and direct sales people at all levels of conscious development.

Only YOU Can End the Recession

The IRS, Federal Reserve, & DTC are not your enemy, but are merely institutions that you can use to your advantage if you only went through a process of self-discovery to learn who you really are. YOU are the CREDITOR; YOU and NOT CORORATIONS are the real source of all the commercial energy in society. Paper Notes is not valuale intrinsically, and “money” is not existent in our world today. Your debts (sins) are all forgiven, and the IRS will collect taxes from the DEBTORS and give them to YOU if you become a CREDITOR and treat your brethren fairly in all your life’s interactions, follow universal law, and forgiven others of their debts/sins.

If you disagree then it is probably because what I am saying is contrary to your current belief system. However if you reviewed more information and researched what I was saying, you would probably wind up leaving your old belief systems behind when you discover the reality.

Ask me for DVDs that will expand your consciousness on this subject… become wealthy…become an infinite supply of currency for to extend credit to your community. Take charge and end the recession it is in YOUR power!

Lung Cancer – Natural Protocol – Man Coughs up 38 Dead Tumors

Dear Readers

This information is very close to my heart. I have had several family members die of lung cancer. This has led me to a lot of research to discover alternative and natural healing methods. Anyone needing help or insight as to what I’ve learned and how I help people/clients – call me anytime at 631-866-6708.

Check out this video of this lung cancer patient who had no options left, no chemo or radiation offered, no surgery offered. He used the program that I teach which focuses on mineral supplementation, to help the patient regain their health back. He coughed up 38 tumors in approximately 5 months, watch this video for the full details:

Lung Cancer – Natural Protocol – Man Coughs up 38 Dead Tumors

Learn More about Healing Cancer, Natural Cancer Recovery, and Minerals, Antioxidants and Cancer

Holistic Cancer, Complementary Cancer Approaches, and Natural Cancer Remedies – Learn More

Natural Colon Cancer Success Story

Example of colon cancer tumors!

This is what a healthy colon should look like!!

This man from Long Island (see Video Below) had Brain Damage Recovery &Triple Colon Cancer “No Evidence of Cancer” after using a Natural Mineral Protocol invented by a 35-year Pancreatic Cancer Survivor. He died after 5 years because he was emotionally upset and stopped eating, but not from the cancer. Yet the doctors said “he would not live past 45 days”. See his Dad tell his story in the youtube video below…

I have met many people who have been helped with this program. Anyone who wants more information should get in touch with me I have tons of information and am very willing to help anyone looking for natural healing options – 631-866-6708

Natural Colon Cancer Protocol – Triple colon cancer and diabetes and mitral valve prolapse – success story

Cancer Fighting Foods

Lorraine Day, M.D., had terminal Breast Cancer yet she became healthy after implementing a huge dietary changes which included the use of whole food nutritional supplements.

With the American Cancer Society admitting that many cancer deaths are diet-related – one-third is what they say but we think it is more like 80-100% if we include the minerals for food in the same category.

With this said, doesn’t it go to say that we are what we eat and that all cancer could be contributed to by the foods we eat?

Actually it is our belief that the key to discovering out cancer is the minerals, and when foods are lacking them due to massive agricultural practices and acid rain destroying the soils, then we simply can not eat enough foods to obtain the mineral levels our bodies require for basic levels of human health. Couple this with the pollution and stress we deal with (that further eliminate or damage key minerals) and it is easy to see how our DNA blueprint will get messed up and create a mass production of incorrect (cancer) cells within the body. This theory is explained elsewhere on my Gratitude Healing website and in our videos on Healing Cancer such as How To Stop Building Cancer Cells, How Minerals Work in the Body, and Fight Cancer by Fixing Your DNA.

Click Here To Read More About my Cancer Fighting Foods Research

Autism Recovery Article Links Featured on Ezine Articles

It is sad to say that it will take a long time until modern medical community agrees with all this.

Do you remember when Jenny McCarthy was all over TV promoting how children are RECOVERING from autism?? Yet no one is talking about this.

Here I found a list of 7 Autism Recovery steps to help the child recover from the damage from severe autism, mild autism, ADD, ADHD

Also read more about how Camel’s milk, minerals like zinc, chromium, calcium, and more can help in even Severe Autism Recovery here.

Also causes and more about Jenny McCarthy and others’ crusade to help reach out to other families dealing with this horrible almost epidemic

Frequently Asked Questions About Autism Supplements Natural Therapies

Rethink Autism – Understanding Questions about Recovery in a Nutshell

Here are the Ezine article links:

Questions About Autism – Supplements and Other Natural Therapies for Autism

Mild and Severe Autism, ADD, and ADHD: A Path to Recovery

Autism Recovery Steps: Be Proactive Against ADD, ADHD, Mild and Severe Autism!

GIN affiliate program


The Global Information Network will be conducting a special conference call this coming Monday, April 4th.

Our Affiliate program is growing quickly and we want to make sure that you are positioned to take advantage of this growth.  Kevin Trudeau announced on last week’s “Weekly Update Call,” that if the 2% Platinum Bonus was applied for January 2011, each qualified Platinum would have received $50,000.

If you want to get your share of the upcoming 2% Platinum Bonus and learn how to make a six figure residual income, we strongly suggest that you attend this conference call on Monday night.  The Global Information Network Affiliate program is one of the best money making opportunities available today.

We will also be covering other topics including the GIN Hot Lead Program.

You will be presented with a vast amount of information.  Please have a pencil and notepad to take notes.

Here are the call-in details:

Day: Monday, April 4th, 2011

Time: 6pm (PST), 8pm (CST), 9pm(EST)

Dial-In Number: 1-712-432-0075

Participant Code: 162927

(For Canadian Residents: Please dial 559-546-1400 prior to using the dial-in information above)

This conference call will not be recorded, so it is important you attend.

We look forward to sharing this information with you on Monday.

Autism Recovery in a Nutshell

Click Here to read my article on Autism Recovery:

Bashar – Circumstances Don’t Matter Only State of Being Matters

If you like Abraham-Hicks, you will love Bashar:

The Law of Attraction is awesome – check out to get a hold of a new series that is being called the “Think and Grow Rich” of our time.

SWAT Team Called To Evict ‘Sovereign Citizens

Obviously the news is reporting on this to make gun-owners, Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians, and sovereigns look like terrorists…

Read between the lines here:


SWAT Team Called To Evict ‘Sovereign Citizens’

Posted: 6:48 pm EST March 3, 2011Updated: 12:38 pm EST March 4, 2011
RIVERDALE, Ga. — Clayton County’s SWAT team surrounded a Riverdale home Thursday as part of an eviction.

The extra show of force was in response to what Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough called a veiled threat of violence by so-called sovereign citizens living in the home illegally for months.

The group doesn’t believe they have to obey laws or tax codes, and in this case…

Jeffery Combs will be speaking/presenting in Manhattan, NYC on Saturday March 5th from 9am-5pm for a $30 workshop. See the flier here:

Jeffery Combs, the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.
is an Internationally recognized speaker, author, and trainer,
and has personally coached over 6,000 individuals worldwide.
His training revolves around personal growth and development,
cuts to the chase, and delivers information that makes an immediate
impact on your success!

During this special workshop, Jeff will be presenting new information
from his 10-CD audio series Confessions of a Recovering Procrastinator
to assist you to create the income you desire NOW!

Topics & Exercises:

• The Psychology of A$king
• Overcoming Procrastination
• Recession Proof Your Business
• Getting Money Right
• The Psychology of Clo$ing

Jeff believes that changing isn’t nearly as difficult as you perceive.
You already are a brilliant person, you’re a masterpiece in progress,
and you have the ability to design your life rather than make a living.
All of us experience turbulence at some point.

True leaders rise above the fear that accompanies the turbulence.
Fear can knock you down if you let it in.

The leader who chooses to inspire reduces the impact of that turbulence
and fear and brings safe passage to those who embark on the journey.
Leadership starts at the top but it really begins in the heart.

See You There!


Foundation & Fund for Cancer Patients to do Alternative

Hey Friends!

Did you see the video that Kevin Trudeau’s friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell just posted? It’s a video I produced about my recommended healing protocol that has helped many people dying of cancer or other diseses….

Lung Cancer Patient Coughs Up 38 Dead Tumors on Natural Mineral Protocal:

By the way, here is a picture of me and “Dr. C” on the Global Information Network Leadership Cruise January 2011:

Dr Leonard Coldwell GIN Leadership Cruise

There have been over 4,000 patients with cancer over the past 15 years use this unique program – which is a natural supplement formula combined with a pure diet, that shows around a 90% success rate at helping the patients who reversed a variety of most of the major and minor types of Cancers,  but also Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, even Muscular Dystrophy and many others.

So, the “go getter” that I am… the fact that I’m a professional fundraiser and have extensive knowledge of holistic healing, I feel this is part of my mission in life:

I am raising money for a few friends and clients who are dying from cancer. They wants to do the natural healing regimine I teach, and we need your help!

If everybody who read this donated we could help these people – so please consider my plea for help in this message, I know it is long.

First let me share with you a few Examples of this working so you can see why we are such a believers that this can help my friend:

-72 Year old woman with Double Lung, Liver, and Colon cancer – Clean in 7 Weeks

-Triple Colon Cancer, Diabetes and Mitral Valve Prolapse – Full Recovery/Reversal

-Patients with Gout, Kidney Stones, Cysts, back neck or joint pain getting great results

-Full healing of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Autism, Down Syndrome, and more

-Wheelchair bound Muscular Dystrophy patient stands up in 7 hours
(her the story by being on our email list)

-Multiple Sclerosis patient wheelchair bound stands up on Day 1 of the program (hear interview on website)

-Pets/Animals healed of many diseases including cancer

-People feeling healthier, more energy, regular bowel movements, reduce or eliminated pains

-Shown to help people who eliminates headaches, allergies, Lymes, improve Hair and nail growth, healthier skin, better sleep, helps with candida elimination

These minerals and ingredients can help to support the body in the process of:

-Correcting the DNA instructions for proper cell, hormone, lymph, and chemistry manufacture

-Alkalize and Oxygenate the body at the cellular level

-Increase the nerve flow within the body by increasing the electrical conductivity

-Boost the Immunity with over 600 properties known to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and unnatural parasites

-Providing antioxidant support to help against free radicals and inflammation

Now, I have several 4th stage cancer clients who wants to use the formula in an effort to save his life. Some can only afford a minimum amount of these expensive vitamins, but I am encouraging him to take the full amount! I’ll have their stories and plea for help up here soon…

With extra financial support, I also plan on giving away copies of “Your Wish is Your Command” to Cancer patients and those with other illnesses, so they can be properly taught How the Law of Attraction works, so that they can learn to attract abundant health once again.

Also we are giving them a copy of “The Emotion Code” book and training them how to do the technique to release trapped emotions so they vibrate at a higher rate so their body can heal better.

If you resonate with our mission, please consider a one-time or monthly donation of $20, $40, $60 or any amount! The Karma will come back to you in abundance ten fold.

EVERY dollar is put to help save someone’s life: Our foundation doesn’t even pay rent, so your money is not going to that! All directly to help sick people get well. Visit our website and please consider donating any amount to help people that are dying.





Donate any amount using paypal on the left side of the page. Then Join our free newsletter (blue form on the right at and you will receive:

1) A Free CD and 2 Free DVDs, MAILED to you physically, that you can use to educate & inspire your friends about Healing Cancer, and exposing the AIDS Fraud you wish you knew about! Upon watching you’ll see there is nothing to fear about AIDS.

2) A 20 minute health consultation checking for mineral deficiencies and trapped emotions. You’ll have 3 trapped emotions physically released over the phone. (learn more here:

3) Kevin Trudeau’s “25 Secrets of Wealth Creation” 60 minute CD, teaching how anyone can create any amount of money they desire.

4)A list of Cancer Survivors & medical doctors who used or use this program – to find emotional and medical support from: Also you’ll get access to my upcoming cancer survivor support group webchat that will be available for clients only.

5) A sample of the formula for you to use and compare how you feel vs. your current multi-vitamin. Most people feel a difference within two hours. If at high doses, people are getting well with cancer, why not take it for prevention to fight against cancer? That is what me and my family do. :)

The above is all free if you donate $1 up to $99. Thank you for being generous!


I’ll also let you pick from here whatever 3 things you want in exchange for your gift:

For those generous enough to donate $100 or more, you receive (pick any) three of the following:

–Your personal copy of “Your Wish is Your Command” (Kevin’s Law of Attraction 14-CD re-programming series – see that teaches you how to live your life to it’s fullest potential and manifest all your lifes desires. (Sold for $400 on TV)

–A kineseological health consultation including an overview using the Body Code Healing System, checking for stored trapped emotions, emotional release, and check for mineral deficiencies, candida, viruses, parasites, etc.
(can be done via phone or in person)

–How to do The Callahan Tapping Technique: Your own copy of  8 instructional DVDs detailing how to learn EFT step-by-step

–How to Be Sovereign, How to Eliminate any debt, what I deem Legal “Cures” They Don’t want you to know. Three complete sets of 8-DVD sets from experts teaching remedy in a classroom setting. (24 DVDs in total) You’ll learn step-by-step: the administrative process, Accepted for Value, how to avoid Arrest, using Private Set off Bonds, and also understand the process fully. You get access to two weekly training calls to connect with a community of sovereign people to answer your questions and help you receive financial or legal remedy.


If you donate over $200, I will give you a gift: ALL THE ABOVE!

For a $500 donation, you ALSO receive:

8) I will share with you a selection of personal development audio CDs and EBooks, over 200 CDs and audio files, two dozen EBooks ($5,000+ value).


9) TWO month’s supply of the supplements with all the ingredients used in the natural protocol -  for your own personal use for prevention purposes or give to a friend who is sick to help them too!!! ($220 value)

If you donate over $1000, I’ll also help you or a friend of yours (or take a voucher for a) through a private commercial administrative process that I have used to successfully win a judgment against the bank involving a credit card debt.

Donation by payment plan – monthly installments accepted.

Contact us by phone to make your donation tax-deductible.

–Matthew Thomas Rammelkamp
Call me anytime: 631-866-6708

I am here to serve everybody and help save people’s lives. I am here to give forward and offer my services to whomever needs them. Please consider a donation and I will offer you your gifts in thanks for your generosity. :)

Donate / Join our email list / Learn more at:
Our Cancer Healing Testimonial Promoted by Dr. Coldwell!!!

My Previous Network Marketing Failure Story

I made an effort to “work” a network marketing business (Both were wellness companies) twice before… i wound up spending more money than i made back in commission and my time was not compensated. However i followed everything my uplines all the way up to the top millionaire, would tell me. Calling your friends and family and trying to pitch them does not work for everybody. They are not going to be as excited as you are until they see what you have seen. They put up barriers because they have never seen you so excited and going the witness protection program and dont answer the phone. My cousin tried to pitch my family including my mom and aunt on selling mary kay cosmetic or maybe it was arbonee. What happened was that my aunt found out she was being pitched to join the company, and so she called everyone in our family and warned them so that they could avoid phone calls from my cousin Nora. When she called my mom, my mom told me that if i answered it to say that she went out for dinner and was not home. This story happened just within the past momth.

The other approach is to market yourself online as someone who would be an attractive business partner, in a field (health and wellness) that others are seeking to get involved in already. Millions of people around the world are searching on google for “how to build a downline” “how to generate leads for my business” “how to make 5 figures a month in network marketing”. Why not get your website, article, or video to show up in the search result, when someone is ACTIVELY SEARCHING to join an MLM. Your family and friends (most of them) are NOT LOOKING to join an MLM. And unless they have been in MLM before, or unless you get them to become reallly educated on our industry in a short amount of time, they are going to not have a high belief in this vehicle to changing the quality of their life or solving one of their problems. Sales and Marketing are ALWAYS AND ONLY about SOLVING OTHER PEOPLES PROBLEMS (sorry bout the caps, im not yelling, just emphasizing, there is no italics here)

I’m going to use this email on my blog, and perhaps narration for a video i will create and upload which, can probably show up in google within a few weeks if i just figure out what keywords to use in the description. (i hope that makes sense to you).

My mentors Norbert, Todd, and Brian are hosting a webinar this Wednesday, which is Free to Guests, on how to get your websites/videos/etc to show up on the first page, or first results on google, more easily, with a new automated program that was developed. If you’d like i can send you an invitation, it is at 9pm EST so i guess that is 6pm or 7pm by you.

If you want to be invited to the webinar and future webinars, visit my website (that Norbert, Brian, and Todd helped me put together), and sign up with your email at my site:

“I’d like to get your opinion about the company/product”
I have been around the Industry for a few years Laura – I know that this is a cop-out and your really trying to get me to give you my opinion in hopes that i will endorse the products and join the company – or at least that is what most people mean when they say that. So, i would avoid using that to anyone who has been in MLM before – because they, like me, see through this right away and can tell you are lying.

Just thought i’d give u that advice. I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

Network marketing is a great potential, but I am only going to get involved when (and as soon as I) have the capitol to spend at least $1000 per month on advertising (online or offline in newspaper, etc). What other success companies in the world do NO Legit marketing, but just call up 100 of their friends and relatives, and people they meet in the grocery store, and trying to recruit people who show absolute no interest. Even if you do succeed at convincing and recruiting some of these people, and yes it is possible, but they will be dragggged into the business and you will be pushing them along the whole way.

The other thing you should consider, is to get trained in how to market ANY business FIRST and just treat it like a college course first. Unless you have marketing training, it is recommended by many of my mentors to get basic marketing 101 training first, before spending any money on advertising, and before spending your precious and valuable TIME on prospecting. i.e. If you call all your 100 family and friends over 20 hrs time and maybe mail out a cd to them, maybe spend $500 on going to an event, maybe drive around town meeting with people in their home or at a coffee shop… and made no money, you are in the HOLE -$5,000 or so, and you basically learned NOTHING about marketing, all you learned is that your friends and family are not interested. You can learn yourself, because then you will see what i mean firsthand, but the minute you see what im telling you is correct, come back to me and say ‘hey matt your right’!

When i did that, i had no one to coach me to market or change my approach, the only approach i was taught by my company/upline was home meetings and calling on friends, getting them to come to events, etc. Well, i went into debt about -$5000 from that, only made $162 commission check, and never recovered.

And, they were the BEST products in the world!!! The problem is you cant convince people this enough to make your money.

Just learn to market, and if it takes 3 months or so, then that is worth it. When you START or LAUNCH your business you will do it on the right foot. I actually have a program called MLM Launch Formula, that i spent $300 on. The value of the product is 10,000 x that. The info in the course will make me millions. It already made Marc Hoverson, Jonathan Budd, and thousands of their students successful entrepreneurs and 6 or 7-figure earners. Its stuff i guarantee your company will never teach you.

I am still preparing and waiting for my official launch. I dont know when im going to do it! Sometime in the next few years, but who knows?! Right now the universe is saying the timing isnt right, so i’ve pursued other endeavors. But i have already built a website like i showed you, in prep for the launch. Momentum is the key, so you want to have like 3 or 5 people join your company overnight and partner with them to your mutual benefit. Jonathan’s course is so awesome.

Laura you have more than enough kids to babysit and hold their hand to walk them across the street… why are you trying to recruit more!?  Go out and find people who are professionals already, or people who are actively looking to join an MLM.

We’ll talk later on how to get this done.

Let’s wait till after the weekend, i am above-normal focused and productive until then… the only reason i wrote all this out is because i know i can get two things accomplished and use it as content for an article/blog.


On Becoming An Entrepreneur, by Jonathan Budd

Here is an email I got today from my mentor Jonathan Budd-


Here is an interesting topic to talk about today. It goes along
with lots of the things I have been sharing lately and it has
to do with where you are at on your personal and financial

Don’t let any one fool you…being an entrepreneur is not an
easy task (at first). Being an entrepreneur takes a certain
kind of quality which I like to refer to as “Inner Game”.

You see, if your Inner Game isn’t in order…you are probably
not going to be able to overcome the difficult obstacles EVERYONE
faces when starting their own business.

It’s almost like you need to have this BULLISH mentality, of
charging through any and all adversity, like NOTHING will ever
stop you from achieving your goal.

When that is your mentality, you can dive into entrepreneurship
head first and just plow through obstacles to find solutions.

Nobody knows everything. Do you think Bill Gates knew how to
make $40 billion dollars when he started Microsoft?

It just doesn’t work that way. If you are sitting around thinking
“I need to know everything before I start a business” you have
entrepreneurship completely backwards.

Being an entrepreneur is KNOWING you are able to be an
entrepreneur. And the rest just follows. The marketing,
the data, the details about businesses; all that stuff is
SECOND to whether or not you believe in yourself enough to
make it all happen.

So what does this have to do with the subject line of this email?

Because you have to KNOW yourself, and TRUST yourself that
you can do what you set your mind too. Just trust yourself.
Just TRUST YOURSELF. The information will follow, the people
to help get you there will follow, the teachings will follow,
but none of it will follow…unless you trust yourself.

There’s a second side to this coin. You have to trust your
intuition. If you feel like you aren’t ready to build a business,
then DON’T force it.

Take some time to build your confidence, to build your value,
and build your belief level in yourself. Take the time you
need to grow as a person. Because when you do that, you
are truly ready to declare “I Want Financia’l Freedom” and have
the right internal framework to go get it.

Now don’t use that as an excuse to be lazy! If that is your
way of putting off taking action, you are DOUBLE lying to
yourself. All I am saying, is know where you are at in life,
honor that position, and trust that you are guiding yourself
in the best direction.

Don’t ever be afraid to seek information, and ask questions
either! You will be amazed at how the universe responds when
you put yourself out there. Just trust.

I am going to share a quote with you before I go today.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole
staircase, just take the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King

Ok my friends, I wish you all the best today and we’ll chat
more soon!

Your partner in success,
Jonathan Budd

P.S. Learn how to generate endless leads for your business,
and close at least 5-10 new business partners every month.
I kid you not…my grandmother could be successful with
network marketing when I teach her how to do it like I do it.

Two multi-millionaire Network Marketers come to NYC for a $30 event this Saturday!!!

Dear Friends,

For a few years now, I have been modeling myself after Jeffery Combs, who is arguably the world’s most popular personal success coach, and he is my personal mentor.

His advice and inspiration has truly made an impact on my life.

I invite you to listen to his inspirational wisdom and advice to improve the quality of your life. His speaking, conference calls, and personal coaching has been an inspiration to people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and anybody who feels they deserve more out of life.

Let me know if you want to come with me this Saturday to the event!

If you are unsure about making it out to the event, check out his Free conference call this Tuesday at 10:30pm EST – Just dial 212-461-5860 – access code: 7707#


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Attention Entrepreneurs on the East Coast:

More Heart than Talent Comes to NYC/Fort Lee, NJ
This Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jeff Combs:

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday, October 30, 2010 * 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Are you looking to Breakthrough some barriers in 2010?
Don’t go it alone!!!

Jeffery Combs and Susan Sly brings
“More Heart Than Talent”
to Fort Lee!!

Doubletree Fort Lee – George Washington Bridge
Just outside Manhattan
2117 Route 4 Eastbound
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Phone: 201-461-9000

Jeffery Combs, the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. is an Internationally recognized speaker, author, and trainer, and has personally coached over 6,000 individuals worldwide.

His training revolves around personal growth and development, cuts to the chase, and delivers information that makes an immediate impact on your success!

During this special workshop, Jeff will be presenting new information from his 10-CD audio series Confessions of A Recovering Procrastinator to assist you to create the income you desire NOW!

Susan Sly
is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, master trainer, certified nutritional consultant, certified trainer and coach with over 17 years of experience in health and wellness.  She has also generated over $40 million in sales in the industry of network marketing and become a seven figure annual income earner.

Topics & Exercises:

  • The Psychology of A$king
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Recession Proof Your Business
  • Getting Money Right
  • The Psychology of Clo$ing

Price= Only $30!!!!

Pay at the door or register here:
**Printable flier available at this link**

Jeffery Combs, the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. is an Internationally recognized speaker, author, and trainer, and has personally coached over 6,000 individuals worldwide.

His training revolves around personal growth and development, cuts to the chase, and delivers information that makes an immediate impact on your success!

During this special workshop, Jeff will be presenting new information from his 10-CD audio series Confessions of A Recovering Procrastinator to assist you to create the income you desire NOW!

Susan Sly is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, master trainer, certified nutritional consultant, certified trainer and coach with over 17 years of experience in health and wellness.  She has also generated over $40 million in sales in the industry of network marketing and become a seven figure annual income earner.

Susan Sly is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, master trainer, certified nutritional consultant, certified trainer and coach with over 17 years of experience in health and wellness.  She has also generated over $40 million in sales in the industry of network marketing and become a seven figure annual income earner.

The Time to Take Action is NOW from Jonathan Budd

Hey Friends,
Here is a message from Jonathan Budd I received recently. It really inspires me and I see myself following in his footsteps.

After reading this, consider if you are going take part with me and get a hold of his course on Facebook Marketing that we spoke about…

The question isn’t whether you “need” new traffic & leads if you want to grow your business consistently…
… it’s “How & WHEN” are you going to get them?
As a 22 year old kid, I broke away from the “status qou” of network marketing & decided I was going to take my life into my own hands.
I decided I was DONE with all the lame, useless crap I was being told to do…
… And instead I decided I was going to learn how to generate & get my own leads for my business.
That decision, as material as it was, was one of the most impactful & important decisions of my life.
It set me up to truly FULFILL my goals, dreams, & visions rather than have them all stay a ‘fantasy’ inside my head.
I have since gone on to make millions in this industry, because of that one fateful decision I made as a 22 year old kid.
When I figured out how to take control of my OWN lead flow, & was able to produce my OWN leads every single day for my business…
… That’s when I took control of my Income.

That’s when making money became an easy SCIENCE, instead of an elusive hope.

Simply put, you HAVE to do this for yourself if you want to make the kind of money you want for your business.
You do NOT have a choice.
If you do not learn how to get your OWN leads coming into your business on a daily basis…
… Then you will continue to struggle, hope, wish, whine, cry, & blame others or the world for your frustration & lack of progress.
The time is NOW to take control.
The time is NOW to take ownership.

The time is NOW to profit from the world’s most EXPLODING advertising website to get all the leads you need for your business to turn it into a true cash machine.

I’m going to show you how to do it ALL right here, & am going to walk you through it step by step supporting you…
This is not the time to continue putting off what you KNOW you need to do.
If you put off reaching success in your business, you risk the chance you NEVER will. Each day that goes by, where you aren’t working on solutions & towards the true success you want in your business, is another day closer to you not achieving it.

If it sounds harsh, it’s because it IS.

Most people procrastinate so damn much that they NEVER accomplish what it is they started out to accomplish.
They procrastinate so much they eventually justify giving up on their GOALS they set for themselves in the first place. They procrastinate so much, they forget they ever even had a dream to start with.
It’s my job to END that procrastination.

It’s my job to FORCE you into action, & push you harder than you want to be pushed until you get YOUR job done. I wouldn’t be a true leader worth my salt unless I was willing to do that for you… … And that’s exactly what we’re going to do inside the “Get Traffic 3.0″ coaching program… … While also providing you the undeniable path to follow to SOLVE the problems in your business & create a true “Cash Machine” on Facebook that will bring in the traffic, leads, & new business you need. If you’re delaying… now’s the time to kick yourself straight OUT of your excuses & procrastination… … And to take TRUE ACTION today moving closer forward to your goals.

As soon as you click the link below & sign up, you will be ON this path & moving in the right direction.
Here’s where you go now…
The “Get Traffic 3.0″ Details Page.
Don’t delay. The smart & rich never do when it comes to taking action.
I’ll see you on the inside…
Yours In Mastery,
Jonathan Budd
P.S. As if everything I’ve shared over
the past week hasn’t made enough sense
concerning Facebook…
… and the fact it’s the HOTTEST solution
in the world right now for you to start
growing your network & business…
… you have to see these stories that are
already coming in about “Get Traffic 3.0″
below.  They are JUST from the free
videos we released last week…
… not even our actual COACHING program
which is starting November 1st.
Check these out, & know you’re in the right
place at the right time:)

… Imagine what results you might
be able to get when we actually
teach you the MASTERS version
of how to use Facebook to dominate…

Get in touch with me before the weekend is over before JB pulls this product off the market!
Matt Rammelkamp

Jonathan Budd Facebook Marketing Course – Traffic 3.0:

JB created a program he spent over $100,000 on that uses the most cutting edge technology for the lowest cost to promote any product, business, message, candidate, rally, or fundraiser on Facebook’s new Pay Per Click campaign (the profitable way, and shortening your learning curve)…

In case I have done you a disservice and you have been left in the dark, my mentor Jonathan Budd became a 26 year old Internet Marketing genius, and is on track to earn over $10 million in the calendar year 2010. He specializes in predicting online trends, perfecting computer technology programs, and allowing grassroots promoters to be fully leveraged to affordibly and profitably market their cause, home-based business, product, band, or other service or the internet.

His marketing mastery programs can be used by many others…. He has coached over 10,000 people to earn $100,000 per year and up, and is the youngest multi-millionaire in the home-based business Industry.

The internet changes quickly, and for anyone serious about creating more traffic conversions and money with the flip of a switch, check out this video below to hear this incredible offer:

In order to keep these marketing secrets for a select few, this course will close its doors within the week. The course will be accessible online only for one week. Watch the videos to consider what you are missing out on should you fail to act:

This will NEVER BE ON SALE AGAIN – only this week – 10/18-10/30 !!!

Matt Rammelkamp

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